Self (re) presentation.

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“Everyone sets their own priorities using which they assess and appreciate what life has to offer.

The experience imparted forges us in a certain way, and the emotions stimulated depends on the  individual.
Invisible isthmuses, created by thoughts and feelings flowing from the soul.
They are my words, my way of being and feeling, and I express them through my work, in the form of colors, faces, bodies, drapes.
I talk about what I know best. I talk about myself.
I love to represent the figure as it is, studying postures and lights, recreating the volumes with the shadow play.
My figures always have a dark side, something undefined. This is what I try to capture and then return to the public through the design, the brush stroke, the search for perfection into the imperfect. The beauty of the body expresses a deep desire for perfection, an allegory of striving towards
being the best, a goal, something that gives meaning to life (and, of course, it is not the shape of a body that I am talking about).
So much emotion comes out from these wooden boards, which I use as a base for my painting. They have been used for packaging. I interact with their “imperfections” in wood, with the written pre-existing base and create a blend shape, as a complete work already begun.
My figures are hardly ever set in a well-known place (such as a room, a bed or a sofa …). They float in  the space, just too far from any precise reference, so that the observer can easily ascribe them to their own intimate situation, as metaphors of their feelings, moods, inner conflicts.




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